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In our busy, often stressful lives, we can find ourselves vulnerable. For instance because of an attitude toward something in our lives. Or because of things we believe to be true about ourselves. Sometimes even dreams or memories play a role.

Then it is a good idea to take a step back to heal that which makes us vulnerable in such a way that addresses the self-healing core vitality, in order to regain our balance.

A Healing Session with AnneClaire can help.

In a Healing Session AnneClaire works with all levels of your energy. Through this process she gives insight into what is at plain your life, and helps to overcome its cause. As a result you can reconnect with your innate, core vitality, such that you regain your balance and increase your sense of wholeness and well-being.

Sometimes one session is enough to restore the connection to your core vitality. Often it is a process in which you move toward wholeness, balance and wellbeing.

A Healing Session with AnneClaire is done through the phone. At the time of the appointment, you call AnneClaire (phone or skype) and while she works with your energy, you stay on the phone so that feedback is possible. Working this way, a healing session is often also a reading.

Each Healing Session lasts about 60 minutes, the cost is € 50.00 per session which must be paid in advance.

AnneClaire Venemans, Zonstraat 118, 3581 MX Utrecht - Skype: anneclairevenemans