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AnneClaire uses Applied Kinesiology in order to help you gain insight in, and break with emotional blockages. This is done through muscle testing, a manual method for measuring our vital, subconscious energy. It works according to the principle that even those things we cannot remember anymore, can still affect our lives. Through applied kinesiology, AnneClaire can help you bring these hidden influences and patterns to the surface where they can be handled.

Perhaps you find that you have trouble setting priorities at times. Or that you would like to do one thing, yet have this urge that you have to do something else. And maybe you don’t even know why you react so vehemently to a situation you come across.

Applied Kinesiology Can Help

Through Applied Kinesiology you can gain insight into the emotions and patterns that rule your life, not just on a conscious, logical level, but also on a subconscious, even cellular level. Then AnneClaire helps you break with these patterns, giving you space to breathe freely. Helping you to feel better!

Right now Applied Kinesiology sessions with AnneClaire are only available by appointment in person. A session takes about 90 minutes, and costs €75,00

AnneClaire Venemans, Zonstraat 118, 3581 MX Utrecht - Skype: anneclairevenemans