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Life Reading

Do you ever wonder about your mission in life? What you - in an ideal world - have to offer, and what you would like to receive in return? Do you ever question how to live your mission in life?
Then a Life Reading can help you.

A Life Reading is different from, for instance just a Tarot Reading, in that it is focused on your unique path through life, your life lessons, and your mission in life. This means that, apart from your life lessons, a Life Reading is geared toward your potential. To what you have to offer to the world.

In order for you to gain clear insight, AnneClaire combines different coaching techniques, among which Applied Kinesiology, with several kinds of readings. This way, a Symbol Disc Reading is almost always part of a Life Reading. Yet a Tarot Reading, or a Mineral Healing can also be used. This way you not only gain insight into your potential, but you may also discover how you can use this potential best in your life.

This makes a Life Reading a fun and interesting journey of discovery into your Self!

A Life Reading takes about 90 minutes, and are available by appointment only (In person or through Skype) The cost is €95,00

Curious? Make an appointment to claim your free reading (10 minutes) that helps you gain insight in your personal path.

AnneClaire Venemans, Zonstraat 118, 3581 MX Utrecht - Skype: anneclairevenemans