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Holistic Coaching

AnneClaire’s approach in the Holistic Coaching is always geared towards your personal need or interest ~ and often lead to surprising insights. The session can focus on dissolving (emotional) blockages you may have encountered in your life. Yet it may also help you to gain greater insight into your life lessons.
Whatever the theme of a session, you will find that you are able to immediately apply your new insights into your everyday life. Such that you can express your unique energy with more confidence ~ that you are going to be more balanced, and will have a growing sense of personal empowerment.

Sometimes, the only thing you need is to discover how upbringing, culture, and the values of other people have gotten in your way. It is also a good idea to cleanse your energy ~ to make sure that the energy you are carrying with you is truly yours, and not connected to ties and patterns that are at play within a family, and which may have been passed on from one generation, to the next…

AnneClaire’s Holistic Coaching sessions often are very effective!
This means that, even when you feel you need several sessions, the appointments can be made over a longer stretch of time. Usually 3 to 5 sessions are sufficient to reach the results you are after.

An Holistic Coaching session with AnneClaire takes about 90 minutes, and costs €95,00
Sessions are available through Skype or in person.

AnneClaire Venemans, Zonstraat 118, 3581 MX Utrecht - Skype: anneclairevenemans