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Mineral Healing

The patterns of our daily lives have not just been created as we were raised; most of us have thoughts, routines, or behavioral patterns that we somehow seem to remember… When these thoughts or patterns appear in our lives, it is a sign that we are ready to break free of the old pattern. It is time to start doing things differently, and to heal ourselves. This is especially true when an old pattern starts showing up in our lives unbidden/repeatedly; or when it starts causing physical complaints…

In a Mineral Healing, AnneClaire first interacts with the chosen stone or stones in order to receive their message to you. Then she will strengthen this energy of the stone or stones in such a manner that the result gives the greatest possible energy that will have a healing and balancing effect on you.

Every stone has its own energy. This innate energy of the stone can help strengthen that particular quality in a person. This way, when someone feels unprotected and insecure, a Tiger’s Eye or Tiger Iron stone can share its energy of protection and security with that person, and start a process of healing.

A Mineral Healing costs €50,00 which includes shipping and handling outside of the Netherlands.
You will receive your very own stone, accompanied by an explanation of the stone’s energy and the personal message the stone has for you.
Your name and date of birth

AnneClaire Venemans, Zonstraat 118, 3581 MX Utrecht - Skype: anneclairevenemans